MJ This One's For You
MJ This One's for you is a humble tribute by Team Sonu Niigaam to one of the greatest artistes and entertainers of all time,Michael Jackson. The project is the first of its kind, and features extremely talented artistes whom we discovered on our facebook community. The concept was initiated by Mr.Niigaam after the tragic death of MJ, mainly due to his sense of personal loss, because MJ has been one of the biggest inspirations in his career, also because of his sense of responsibility as an artiste to celebrate the glorious life of another. The song was released worldwide on the auspicious occasion of MJ's birthday,29th August!!

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Composed by Saikat - Shankar

Lyrics by Ms.Geetha Balsaara,Ms.Sowmya Raoh

Mixing and Mastering - Mr.Pramod Chandorkar

Singers - Mr. Sonu Niigaam, Ms. Natalie Di Luccio, Ms.Jonita Gandhi, Ms.Devika Mathur, Mr.George Kuruvilla, Mr. Parashar Joshi, Mr. Salman Asif

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