Sonu Niigaam launched his new devotional album Maha Ganesha at Mumbai's prestigious Siddhi Vinayak Temple on 11th August 2008. Sonu along with his wife Madhurima and son Nevaan took blessings at the temple, and then, unveiled his new album. The album has been launched by Times Music and is a tribute of sorts to the all powerful Lord Ganesha from arguably one of the finest voices of all times. The album consists of 7 marvellous tracks with music composed by Anand Kurhekar and Sanskrit Lyrics penned by Hemant Rajopadhyay. Whether it is the sacred prayer for harmony in Sharanam Prapadye and a universal prayer for peace in Vishwashanti,calling upon the shield of Ganesha to protect in Ganesh Kavach,inviting to be one with the lord in Ganesha Vidmahe ,bowing to the source of the universe and invoking Lord Ganesha in Mahamoolmantra and Ganesh Smaranam or Sukhakarta, Maha Ganesha is a musical journey to savour.
1. Sharanam Prapadye - Sacred Prayer of Harmony
2. Ganesh Kavach - The Shield of Ganesha
3. Ganeshaaya Vidmahe - Oneness with the Lord
4. Mahamoolmantra - The Beej Mantra for Meditation
5. Ganesh Smaranam - Invocation of Maha Ganesha
6. Sukhakarta - Radiant Joy of the Ganesha Chant
7. Vishwashanti - Universal Prayer for Peace