Album Title - Classically Mild   Artist Name - Sonu Niigaam
Music Director - Deepak Pandit   Lyricist - Ajay Jhingran
Track List
Classically Mild - 01 - Sochta Hoon Main
Classically Mild - 02 - Bheege Bheege
Classically Mild - 03 - Soona Soona
Classically Mild - 04 - Suratiya
Classically Mild - 05 - Chhalki Chhalki
Classically Mild - 06 - Dhanya Dhanya
Classically Mild - 07 - Lamha Lamha
Classically Mild - 08 - Aai Dil Mat Ro

Responses to Classically Mild
Shyama Govind: It is one of the finest musical masterpieces ever created. The album has outstanding vocals from Sonuji, beautiful music and orchestration and very imaginative lyrics. Each song is a different emotion executed to perfection. God bless Sonuji..lots of love and prayers

Vijay Kumar: The album is simply mindblowing. The music is out of this world and Sonuji's singing is par excellence. Hats off to words!! love u always sir..

Rahul Vaidya:  
Classically Tough!!!

Sana Shiekh: Classically Mild is not just an album but a dose of positivity. The song "Lamha Lamha" fills my day with hopes and smiles. Thanks to Sonuji.

Vishal Kothari: Thanks to Sonuji, people including me have started concentrating on Classical singing. This is what music is. Thanks to Sonuji. Lots of love

Tonima Hossain
: I am hooked to the songs totally. I was trying to think which one I like the most but couldn't figure. Each one is so unique in its own style, it's hard to say which one is the best. The songs are so soothing and so different. Just loving it:-).

Chetana M: Sonuji has made us really really proud. He is not a legend in the making, he is a Legend. I cant pick one song as a changes each time I hear the next u Sonuji for this

Falaknaaz:I am listening to the album over and over again. I LOVE every track and I am very very  proud of Sonuji. God bless him and thanks to him for this beautiful gift

Sriram Govind: People say they find God in temples. Sonuji says he finds God in all human beings. but me...I find God in an album cover

Mandar Joshi: I heard the whole album. Its awesome and Soona Soona is just amazing. I am so proud of Sonuji. I am speechless. I loved the album and all the best for all his future projects and lots of love

Sandy: The album is just out of the world. Mindblowing singing by Sonuji..superb arrangements and instrumentation..Thanks Sonuji

Niky: An extremely beautiful album. Its an intellectual album and a treat for people like us who know the value of good music

Sudhanshu: I just love the album. Its superb,ultimate. I am short of words for praising it and I am very very proud of Sonuji. his hard work and labour is clearly visible in the songs..You rock sir!!

Omkar: Awesome music that has touched my heart. Simply immortal and uncomparable vocals.

Sahil Aggarwal:  Its Classically Mesmerising. Such a masterpiece cannot be explained in words

Pritha Ghosh : I am speechless now..I knew it would be awesome and the best out of all his albums...but this is just wonderful and the way he did the fusion between classical music and contemporary is just beautiful.

Prianka Ahsan: Hats off to Sonujee..I have no words. Its so special and so beautiful. He is the God of music

Shubhra Sinha: All songs are sooo soulful. his rendition touches my heart. Classically Mild is really like a journey of emotions..meaningful lyrics just add to the beauty of compositions

Smarak Samarjeet: Sonuji is my guru,mentor and soul inspirer. I am learning the art of singing from him.

Megha Soni: I am absolutely spellbounded..I saw the video as well and i feel sooo proud of him!!! absolutely magnificent..He is giving classical music a whole new definition.

Vivek Vashishta: Sonuji has done a marvellous job. He has presented Indian Classical Music in a superb way

Diganta Ghosh: Classically Mild is awesome. Incredible work by the team

Manu Varghese: Tha album is magic. I am addicted to it. Hats off to Sonuji. I am feeling very proud to be his fan. The album transported me to a different world

Romaisa Sadaf:
The album is superb. Loved each and every song and I am addicted to it

Rajeshvari Gor: I am completely in awe of the album. His hard work completely shines. Each song is filled with creativity